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If your Canada Visa application for Spousal Sponsorship, Parental Sponsorship or Permanent Residence has been refused, we can help. Before any course of action is undertaken, it is best to understand which authority will be dealing with after a refusal.


    • Study Plan: Without a close and logical study plan, the officer won’t be convinced the most purpose of coming to Canada is to review. There must be a logical progression of studying if an individual already has previous post-graduate education or work experience. The choice of programs in Canada must be for the scholar, or a correct explanation must learn how their diploma in Canada will help them after they return to their home country. this is often the foremost common reason for refusal.
    • Proof of Finances: Tuition in Canada starts at $15,000 each year. The Canadian government wants to make sure a student has the resource to procure their tuition and living expenses. A financial statement with a minimum of $30,000 (after exchange) has to be provided to point out a student’s ability to pay their tuition.
    • Lack of Travel History: If someone has not traveled anywhere outside of their home country before, they’re going to be refused a visa if they apply on their own. We at Parvasi Immigration, can help overcome this reason by making legal arguments and referencing tribunal Cases within the application.
    • Strong Family Ties to Canada: Surprisingly, having members of the family in Canada are often a reason for refusal, and individuals applying on their own will be refused. we can navigate this issue by making legal arguments and referencing judicature Cases within the application.
    • The officer considering your visa will confirm you don’t have any history of overstaying in Canada. Overstaying on a previous vise can create problems for an application. If you’ve got a history of overstaying a visa in Canada there are ways we will facilitate you to overcome these challenges.
    • Your citizenship/status is checked out for your country of residence.
    • Consideration also can tend to your current educational status. as an example, what you’re doing now if you’re not currently studying.

What Parvasi Immigration can do for you.

    • Assess the merits and demerits of your case.
    • Help identify key factors that led to the visa refusal or rejection.
    • Provide consultation on your best course of action.
    • Represent you before immigration authorities.