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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is one of the most popular of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs. Through the MPNP, Manitoba nominates newcomers for permanent resident status in the prairie province.

The Skilled Workers Stream is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers. We select internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills needed in the local labour market, and nominate them to receive Canadian permanent resident visas to settle and work in Manitoba.

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba pathway nominates applicants who have a strong connection to our province through ongoing employment and sufficient skills, education and training, work experience and official language proficiency to make an immediate and ongoing contribution to the Manitoba economy and our community at large.

Manitoba Immigration

Since first being launched in 1998, more than 130,000 immigrants to Canada arrived through the MPNP. Manitoba is committed to increasing that number in the years ahead.

The MPNP has been undergoing a slow transition over the past several years, called the MPNP Renewal, although the transition has experienced significant delays and still has yet to be complete.

Many of the new pathways to provincial nomination will be structured within the currently existing International Skilled Worker stream, which will continue to operate in its current guise until more changes come into effect.

The current MPNP criteria for this stream, which is divided into the Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba categories, remains in effect for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and the receipt of applications by the province.

There are to be four streams under the revamped Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, which includes a range of what the province is now calling ‘pathways’.

Skilled Workers Overseas Stream

Manitoba immigration authorities are still inviting candidates to apply to the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream, linked directly above, but below are a couple of new pathways.

 Express Entry Pathway First launched in January, 2018, the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is a way for candidates in the Express Entry pool to be nominated for permanent residence. Successful applicants are awarded 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, resulting in quick issuance of an invitation to apply for permanent residence and fast-track processing.

 Human Capital Pathway Immigration to Manitoba through the Manitoba Human Capital Pathway (HCP) is one of the upcoming changes to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, originally scheduled to come into effect in 2019, but now delayed through 2020.

International Education Stream

Manitoba’s new International Education Stream is dedicated to providing faster pathways to nomination international students graduating in Manitoba.

 Career Employment Pathway International graduates of universities and colleges in Manitoba can look to the Career Employment Pathway as their potential route to permanent residence..
 Graduate Internship Pathway The Manitoba Graduate Internship Pathway provides nomination pathways for international graduates of a Master’s or Doctoral (PhD) study program who then complete an internship contributing to industry innovation in Manitoba.
 Student Entrepreneur Pathway The Manitoba International Student Entrepreneur Pilot provides international students who have graduated in Manitoba the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship in Manitoba.

Business Investor Stream

The previous business immigration stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, known as MPNP-B, has been replaced by the new Business Investor Stream, which is itself subdivided into the Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway.

 Entrepreneur Pathway The Manitoba Business Investor stream is for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to purchase or start a business in Manitoba. Successful applicants to the Entrepreneur Pathway will receive a temporary work permit and sign a business performance agreement to purchase an existing business in the province or start a new business.
 Farm Investor Pathway The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway provides a route to Canadian permanent residence for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to purchase or start a farming business in Manitoba.

Specific steps for Manitoba Provincial Nominees

  •  You must include a copy of your MPNP approval letter in your PR visa application.
  •  Follow all directions in your approval letter, paying particular attention to the date: your nomination is valid for six months.
  •  You must submit to IRCC your visa application, complete with IRCC fees, before your nomination expires; if you do not, IRCC will not accept your application.
  •  During the visa process you must notify both IRCC and the MPNP of address or family changes.
  •  Nominees currently working in Manitoba: do not let your work permit expire; follow instructions below.
  •  Once you receive from IRCC your permanent resident status you must notify the MPNP